Shoulder Burn

Warm up: 10 reps each (light weight) shoulder press, lateral raises, front raises, & around the worlds. 3x 10-15 reps push press adding more weight each set. Shoulder work out:

  1. Rear delt flyes 4 sets: 20-25 reps (10-12 reps palms facing down/10-12 reps palms facing each other)
  2. Single arm DB lateral raises 2 sets 12-15 each arm 2 sets together: 12-15 reps
  3. Cables lateral raises SS. Rope cable face pulls 4 sets: 10-12 each arm/15 reps for pulls
  4. BB upright rows SS. Front raises 3 sets: 12-15 rows/10-12 raises
  5. Arnold press SS. Shoulder press 3 sets: 8-10 Arnold’s/ failure for presses
  6. BURN  OUT 5 mins AMRAP 10 reps each: curl to push press, lateral raises, front raises, standing rear delt flyes

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