Leg & booty work out

Todays booty workout:

  1. Warm up 10 light weight squats SS. 10 banded squats
  2. Box side step ups SS. BB straight leg deadlifts 3 sets: 20 each leg/15 deadlifts
  3. Seated single leg curls SS. walking lunges SS. pulsing squats 3 sets: 15 each leg/20 pulses to failure
  4. Single leg press to the side SS. weighted sumo squats 3 sets: 12 each leg/15 squats
  5. Banded hip thruster with holds (5-7 seconds) SS. cable pull through 4 sets: 15 reps
  6. Deadlifts SS. curtsy lunges 3 sets: 15 reps/12 each leg
  7. Abductors 3 sets:15 reps

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