Carb Cycling day 2


today was my low carb day. I feel a little drained of energy, but today was a rest day for me so it’s okay. All I have basically done for the day is catch up on some homework, and eat. 🙂 because come on we all know my love for food. My macro goal set on low days is 49C 50F 170P…

Woke up 8 am had coffee with creamer because I can’t go a day without it. I am in desperate need to find an alternative that has less carbs and more protein.  235 calories 1.5F 6C 0P

Breakfast 8:30 am omelet with bacon, spinach, mushrooms, and onions cooked in butter with a tbs of ketchup on the side. 217 calories 8C 13F 15P

Snack 11:45 am 32 oz Gladiator smoothie with tbs of peanut and kale in it from smoothie king 389 calories 7C 8.5F 73P

Late lunch 3:15 pm 5.5 oz chicken, 130g broccoli, slice of low fat mozzarella cheese 249 calories 8C 8F 39P

Dinner 7:45 pm 5 oz chicken, 125g green beans, 1 tbs peanut butter 266 calories  13C 11F 33P

Snack 9:45 pm almonds, 6 oz carb master yogurt 170 calories 9C 9.5F 13P

Although I surpassed my goal set macros hitting 1326 calories 53C 52F 172P. I must remember we are humans therefore we are far from perfect. We all have to start somewhere and learn from conquering our own challenges. I am always shooting to better myself in fitness through my own experiences.

Physique Update no bloating today, I do not have a scale but yesterday I weighed in at 147


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