Carb Cycling

Spring break is right behind the corner so I am going to try carb cycling and see what changes happen to my body. I live in the dorms so finding a place to cook is the ultimate struggle. The basics to carb cycling is you cycle through high carb and low carb days six days a week, followed by the seventh day having a cheat meal.

My ultimate goal: lose weight and lean out… because hey gotta look good in that bikini. =I am going to start the first two weeks with five low carb days, and two high carb. I will have two out of the five low carb days cut of all starchy carbs. I will increase the protein on those days.


Monday: Moderate | Tuesday: High | Wednesday: Low | Thursday: Moderate | Friday: Low | Saturday: High | Sunday: Low

Low days: 49C 50F 170P Moderate: 98C 50F 147p (starch carb days) High: 177C 50F 130P

Workout Schedule:

Monday: Back and Bicep

Tuesday: Legs + 30 minutes fasted cardio

Wednesday: Chest and triceps

Thursday: 30 minutes fasted cardio

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Legs + 30 minutes fasted cardio

Sunday: Shoulders


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