Day 1 Carb Cycling

I am going to log what I eat and the workouts I do up until spring break to see the transformation. Today is a moderate carb day.

Breakfast 7:30 am | 1/2c blueberry kodiak cake pancakes, 3 egg whites, 1 tbs peanut butter, coffee | 368 calories Macros 37C 10F 30P

Lunch 11:30 am | 6 oz chicken, 100g broccoli, 1/4c jasmine rice | 250 calories Macros 17C 36P 4.5F

Snack 1 3:15 pm | almonds, carb master yogurt | 170 calories Macros 9C 10F 9P

Workout: 2.5 mile run

Post workout snack 6 pm | ump whey protein, 50g banana, 1/2 tbs peanut butter | 209 calories Macros 21C 7F 22P

Dinner 8 pm | chicken 6 oz, 3 cups lettuce and mixed vegetables, 1 tbs olive oil and vinegar 1.5 oz sweet potato 344 calories 12C 18F 33P

Todays nutrition: 1341 calories 100C 49F 139P

I was not 100% on spot with my macros but my goal is to get as closest to my set goals as possible.




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